Naatya Sagar Competition

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    Syllabus For Naatya Saagar

    Rules For DANCE

    1st category :

    Alarippu , Mallari , Jatiswaram.
    (Each 1 or any 3 of your choice)

    2nd category :

    Shabdam , Keerthanam , Thillana.
    (Each 1 or any 3 of your choice)

    3rd Category :

    Varnam , Padam , Ashtapadi.
    (Each 1 or any 3 of your choice)

    All 1s , 2nd and 3rd winners will get certificates with sign of the Chief guest .
    Winners will get a chance to perform in India in the December MARGAZHI & a Slot of THYAGAYYA TV Programs.

    ****You can register in more than one category****

  • The Judges' decision will be final in all cases. No arguments, disputes, or conversation with the panel will be entertained.
  • Contestants are to bring their own snacks and water bottles.
  • Participation certificates will be given for all rounds during registration at the venue. For quarter finals, participants those who wants us to send the certificate to your place must bear the postage charges for sending your participation certificates to your address. Those who are selected for semi finals , you can collect them directly from us at the semi finals venue.
  • Gurus of all the contestants will be honored at the time of finals. Therefore, Gurus must be present at the venue.
  • Any Clarification and details contact your regional coordinator from your country, find the contact number in the posters.
  • In addition to their title award, the first place winner in each category will receive a 30 mins for Bala & Yuva , 1 hour for senior performance slot at the coming Thygayya Tv Margazhi Festival, in Chennai . Travelling & Accommodation must arrange on their own.
  • For information and rates for advertising in our commemorative brochure, advertisement at the venue Please contact Contact: +91 9840111333 & also your regional coordinator in your country. Find the contact number in the posters.
  • Parents & Teachers of the competitors are not allowed at the competition venue except for the festival.
  • Only limited entries are permitted for each category. Register before the end of the date.
  • The participant's visibility on the telecast is solely at the discretion of Maximum Media. The participant, parent, or guru, will not have any claims about appearance, non-appearance, or duration of appearance whatsoever.

Rules and Regulations (Must Read)

  • For Group every individual of a group need to fill up a seperate form and need to mention their group name.
  • Competitions contestents cannot take part in the Dance Festival. Solo can take part in the group category.
  • Contestents are to report 30 mins before the event to get contest numbers.
  • one time fees for all rounds for the competitions and those who wants to participate in the festival they have to do separate payment.
  • Songs must be in Mp3 format in thumb drive. Must have a backup copy. If any problem in the songs organizing committee is not responsible.Music must be in proper format. No Youtube songs or any other copy righted songs.
  • Bala category time limit is max 5 mins, Yuva category 5 mins, Senior category 10 mins
  • Preliminary round will be conducted through video selection while the other rounds if you are selected, must be present at the venue with full costume and make-up.
  • Any other queries please contact through mail id or whatsApp +91 9840111333.

Terms & conditions (Must Read)

  • Motive of the channel is to make the programs in a grand manner and telecast it world wide to the viewers and to bring the participants to lime light.
  • Thyagayya TV cannot be held responsible for any type of compensations regarding changes in the schedules of programs due to unavoidable circumstances.

* Terms & conditions apply

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